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Elemental Vodka

Posted by 80proof On March - 10 - 2009

elemental1Elemental Vodka. Hand-crafted small batch premium vodka from Oregon. 80 proof.

Is it possible to have it all? A great tasting spirit, made through a natural, sustainable process? Elemental Vodka argues that it is. Created in Oregon, the epicenter of modern, responsible craft distilleries, Elemental is hand-crafted from scratch in small batches with 100% sustainable, organic wheat from the northwest.

The distillery is powered with wind generated electricity, and the water is among the purest in the world. Filtered through charcoal and volcanic rock, Elemental Vodka truly harnesses the elements to create a pure, clean spirit.

Elemental Vodka is distilled by Highball Distilleries, and is one of the latest offerings from what is being labeled “Distillery Row” in Portland’s eastside warehouse district. Distillery Row is gaining world attention through it’s collection of craft distilleries, creating a boom in the “micro-distillery” market.

Peter ( says: “Billed as a small-batch “green” vodka, Elemental reflects our modern concern over nature, and the part we play within it. The grain is soft white wheat and is organically grown and local to Portland. The water is from the Pacific Northwest Bull Run watershed. All power for the distillery is wind generated. The vodka is filtered through charcoal and volcanic rock. Put that all together and you get the four classical elements, earth, water, wind, fire. So, yeah, gimmicky and hippy, how does it taste. Surprisingly good, as a matter of fact. There’s a distinct graininess to it, though pretty much on par with the earthiness of Chopin. The alcohol bite is very smooth, and the water is nicely crisp. The small batch nature of this vodka is pretty easy to feel through the attention of the distillers — something you won’t get from a mass-produced, robotic distillery like Absolute’s. The care they place in the ingredients and setup definitely make their way through to the end product. Too often, the organic/green movement produces something long on ethics, but short on quality. Not the case with Elemental, it works.”

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